Travel For Leisure And Profit The Cruise To Cash Way

Almost all of humankind love to travel. Traveling is one of the dictates of man’s genetics. We have been nomads from Adam’s days. It’s just that technological advancements have transformed us into becoming savvy travelers. Pleasure, education, business, adventure, even criminal hood (fleeing fugitives comprise 25% of the traveling population) incite our need and stimulus to travel.

Our travel habits and idiosyncrasies have caused it so that travel and tourism have become the nation’s second largest services export industry, third largest retail sales industry and one of America’s largest employers. After 9/11, people got comfortable traveling again, resuscitating the travel industry that now rakes in more than $600 billion into the nation’s economy, directly providing more than 7 million U.S. jobs and continues to be an economic generator. Who would not want to partake of the gravy and all the accompanying adjuncts that travel yields?

Fact is, we would want to take off into occasional excursions at every opportunity we can grab, but we need money to satisfy our travel itch. How convenient it would be that when the urge attacks, we could just pack and go. A lot of us, work it to the bones 51 weeks a year to afford to buy one week’s vacation. This can be the very reason why Cruise to Cash system was designed – to provide a means for the greater many to travel leisurely and profitably. It is this philanthropic feature that’s drawing in more and more people to it. A member can realistically earn $477 or $977 commissions (which is 100% of his sale) and get unlimited vacation vouchers everywhere anytime. It’s the home-based business hunter’s prototype.